About the game

  • Tshakapesh and the quest for rose quartz is an adventure game from an aboriginal legend which is common to the Innu, Algonquin and Atikamekws people. The legend tells the story of Tshakapesh, a hero who could control lightning, fight fiercely and shoot his bow and arrow with formidable skill. In the game, the player plays Tshakapesh and must gain superpowers in order to defeat his sworn enemy, Tshen, who threatens the village with a destructive machine.
  • The game is composed of 7 levels that will be put online gradually from July to December 2017.
  • The player is also invited to complete missions. To complete them all, the player has to play with the 7 levels.

Supported Platforms

  • The game can be played on computers (Windows 7-8-10 / Osx 10.11 and up) and on tablets (iOS 9 and up / Android 4.4 and up) from the following browsers: Chrome (57 and up), Internet Explorer (11 ) and Safari (10.1 and up).


  • The website for Tshakapesh respects good accessibility practices. Please note that the game does not offer accessibility options.